Welcome! The Galway Preservation Society encourages the awareness & preservation of the history of the Town of Galway, NY.

The October 2, 2017 meeting of the Galway Preservation Society will be about 19th century photo history, presented by Anne Clothier, Director of Education at the Saratoga County Historical Society, Brookside Museum.

The Galway Preservation Society held its annual picnic on June 5th.  Over the preceding year, our group held monthly meetings featuring a variety of programs for members and guests.  We learned about the history of The Homestead sanitarium, the Saratoga County Fair, the libraries that served our community, and the practice of ice harvesting.  A panel of teachers reminisced about teaching in Galway in the 1950s.  We watched footage from Galway’s 1938 centennial celebration.  And we learned the backstory behind historic artifacts contained in the “Trunk.”

Our final meeting featured a special activity after the picnic.  Three teams competed in a rousing game of “Who Wants to Be a Galway Historian” using trivia drawn from the book Galway 1900-1949, A Photographic History of Life in the Town of Galway.  At the end of the evening, our third-place team (Linda Bobar and Dusty Rhodes) and second-place team (Larry Eagle and Don Carpenter) conceded defeat to the winning team of Hume Donnan and Bonnie Donnan (pictued below).  Hume and Bonnie achieved a perfect score, earning each of them the well-deserved title of Galway Historian.  Thanks to Richard English for serving as moderator and Arlene Rhodes, Phyllis Keeler, and Tom Cwiakala for serving as judges.

Ballston Spa Cemetery Association presents Mystery at the Cemetery: History and Writing Challenge.  Read the history, solve the mystery, or let your imagination go back in time and see where it leads you!

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Have you seen the Local History Photo Collection on the Galway Public Library’s website, which the Galway Preservation Society generously shared with the library? It includes photos from our book as well as many others. 

Don’t forget that our book, Galway 1900 – 1949, A Photographic History of Life in the Town of Galway, Saratoga County, New York, is still available for purchase.

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Opportunities to purchase:

Galway branch of the Ballston Spa National Bank

Galway Town Hall

Waterwheel Village, Route 29

Providence Town Hall

And of course, we’ll have books at future Galway Preservation Society meetings. Checks payable to Galway Preservation Society, $40

If you are out of town, we’ll mail to you!   Order Form


Our display in the lobby at Galway Town Hall is all about the book! Stop in to see photos and information related to Galway 1900 – 1949, A Photographic History of Life in the Town of Galway, Saratoga County, New York. 



The Galway Preservation Society is a partner with the Galway Public Library in the creation of the Galway Public Library’s Digital Collection in the New York Heritage website. View the collection here.


For those interested in genealogy, please note: the Galway Public Library offers patrons free access, on its four public computers, to the online database, Library Edition, during the library’s open hours.

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